North Bali Development and Why It has so much Potential

North Bali has always been associated with the lesser known and quieter place of Bali. Some people even call it the “outer world” because it is so different with the Southern part of Bali. Places in South Bali include the famous Kuta beach, Seminyak, Sanur, and Legian. Ubud and Tanah Lot is considered middle part of Bali. People may know “Lovina Beach” or “Menjangan Island” to name a few, which is part of this part of Bali.

Why North Bali is So Much Underdeveloped compared to South Bali?

North Bali is much further from Ngurah Rai International airport. It may take 3 hours to reach Lovina Beach from the current and only Bali airport. With roads sometimes a bit bumpy, people find it hard to reach this place. Although the road offers some of the best and untouched view of Bali, some people just don’t get the gut or the time to travel there. Unlike South Bali which has white sandy beach, most beaches here is black. Exotic black. It is very good for diving, like in Menjangan Island.

The Development of North Bali
The Development of North Bali

What Can We do Here?

Many activities can be done in north Bali. The famous Lovina beach is the only beach where you can see dolphins. Tourists wake up at 5 or 5.30 in the morning to see the dolphins show. In Lovina Beach, you can have a more peaceful surrounding, a luxury which is quite impossible to get in Kuta beach, let’s say. People in this place are more traditional and less commercial because it is less touristic. The drawback is there are less western restaurants there. Well, eat like a local, won’t you? Try the authentic Betutu Chicken for example.

The Development of North Bali
The Development of North Bali

In North Bali, we can also visit some very famous waterfalls like Gitgit, Munduk, Singsing, Aling Aling, and many more. The waterfall offers both tourism and spiritual place for Hindu people. Many people pray and offer religious duty here like offering sacrifice. Bali has got so much potential in terms of cultural thing.

What to Expect in this Area in the Coming Years?

Government of Indonesia and Bali local government have agreed that this part of Bali needs to be developed. In the past 20 or 30 years, South Bali has always overshadowed its northern part. However, some infrastructures have been planned and even executed. North Bali international airport in Kubutambahan district of Buleleng has been planned and surveyed. Budi Karya, Indonesia’s Miniser of Transportation plans this airport to cater for Low-Cost Carrier Flight (LCC) like AirAsia. It is expected that 37 million passengers can be catered in this airport.

Denpasar-Singaraja shortcut has also been initiated since November 2018, which will shorten the travel journey from Denpasar to Singaraja to just 1.5 hour in the future. That will boost tourism in Buleleng even more. Many Balinese who work in Denpasar do not have to buy a house in Denpasar, it can just live in Singaraja or its surrounding area and travel to Denpasar frequently. Train which serves Denpasar – Singaraja will also be put into consideration.

There have been several talks and agreements signed by government and private sectors like the plan to build Paramount Hotel and Resort in Buleleng, near Menjangan Island. That makes tourism and property sector even more interesting.

The Development of North Bali
The Development of North Bali

So, How Can We Participate?

We, as small or medium investors can take part in Bali’s trend towards the north. In Kuta area, one villa can easily cost 2 to 3 billion rupiah ($200,000). No wonder many people can only afford to rent it with rental cost come at around $10,000 to $30,000 per year. In North Bali, the same size of villa only costs around 750 million to 1 billion ($60,000). That is less than one-third of the cost in the south. The opportunity is now, I rest my case.

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